Spiritual Journey

Reflexion is a spiritual community that formed spontaneously around a shared desire to experience ongoing progress in our life in God. We do not have a "strategic plan" for the future, because God's Spirit is in charge of the direction we are moving and the dimensions in which we are growing. We seek to remain sensitive to what the Spirit is doing in each present moment. It is important to us that we are traveling together.

The Scriptures

We expect the Scriptures to shape our understanding of Jesus Christ, give us a clear picture of his teaching, and connect our spirit to his Spirit, giving God a really good grip on our lives so he can turn us toward what he wants us to be doing in the world for his sake.

Contemplative Prayer

We listen to God in the Scriptures and also in the stillness and silence of contemplative prayer. We make time to set aside every other thought and feeling, to concentrate all our heart, mind, and spirit on God and the quiet whisper of his voice. We realize that the development of ongoing awareness of God’s presence is the project of a lifetime and that our progress is step by step. But the Spirit of God guides this process, so whether we grow rapidly or slowly depends on him and what he desires to accomplish in each of us.

Spiritual Community

We enjoy spending time together, sharing our experiences and what we have learned from God, without passing judgment on anyone, clubbing each other with Bible verses, or acting as if any of us have attained to sainthood. We are human. We present ourselves to God and each other as we are. God always meets us where we are and we move forward from there.

Where We Meet

Currently, we are meeting Sunday mornings in Dana Point, California. If you would like to join us, send an email to [email protected] requesting directions and we will reply with the time, address and a map to our location.

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